What is AdFlyUp?

Did you hear a question- What is AdFlyUp? Well, I will explain what is it.

AdFlyUp is a Digital Networking Platform where one can earn money by just watching videos, browsing websites, referring contents etc.

It has two sides-

  1. Earner
  2. Advertiser/Promoter


Anyone can freely join the website and start earning money by just viewing ads, videos etc. The person will get Rs 10 upon registration and can earn daily income by just visiting sites etc.


Its a platform for anyone to advertise their content- either website, brand, video, youtube channel, facebook page, instagram page or anything even a local shop.

Advertiser has ability to spend any amount on their Ad and can pause/suspend the running Ad anytime.


Here is some chart about much money one can earn from it-



So join it today and start earning money from home.

Go to https://adflyup.com

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