5 Best Sites To Learn JavaScript [FREE] In 2022

JavaScript is the world’s most used scripting language. It is used to build various types of applications mostly web apps. At this time we look forward to learning JavaScript online but we don’t find good resources. Many times it is not FREE. I will describe 5 best sites that will help you learn JavaScript for absolutely FREE. You will gain a lot out of it.

Before starting the tutorial, let’s see why JavaScript is important to learn.

What are benefits to learn JavaScript

This could be a genuine question for beginners- what are the benefits of learning JavaScript? why would I learn JavaScript over others? what are the career scopes in JavaScript? there could be plenty of questions. I will state some of the benefits of learning JavaScript here.

Learn one, use in many

JavaScript is a one-man army! You have to learn just one language and you can use it too many others like Angular, React, Vue, Node, and many more. They are all frameworks of JavaScript which means JavaScript codes and syntax will work everywhere.

Careers in JavaScript

JavaScript has huge career opportunities. You can become a full-stack developer with JavaScript. There are Front End Technologies, Backend Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Softwares, Mobile Apps, and many more places where JavaScript is used.

Easy to learn

JavaScript is an easy-to-learn language. There are so many resources out there to learn. One can easily become a master in JavaScript with online practice. There are many online JavaScript compilers you can start playing with JavaScript.

Best sites to learn JavaScript FREE

Here are 5 best sites where you can start learning JavaScript and become a master.


W3Schools - Learn JavaScript for FREE
W3Schools – Learn JavaScript for FREE

W3Schools is one of the best online learning platforms for JavaScript. It has “Try-it-yourself” option which makes it easier for any learner to just try it right away while learning. It provides good learning resources for FREE, one does not need to buy a course.

Complete all their tutorials one by one and you will be able to gain a lot out of it at the end. I would personally recommend W3Schools to learn JavaScript if you are a beginner and starting your career ahead.


TutorialsPoint - StackBlogger

TutorialsPoint is the biggest learning platform. It has easy-to-understand content and is available with proper examples. One can learn the basics of JavaScript from it and then go to some other resources. It provides the basic contents which are not hard to understand and practice.

It provides FREE as well as paid content to start learning JavaScript. At the moment go for FREE content and if you like it then you can buy.

JavaScript Info

JavaScript Info - StackBlogger
JavaScript Info

JavaScript Info provides simple but detailed tutorials with examples and tasks that make any beginners understand it easily. Here you can learn JavaScript, starting from scratch and go on to advanced concepts like OOP.

There are 3 parts of tutorials on the website-

  1. The JavaScript language – learn all the aspects of JavaScript from basic to advanced
  2. Browser: Document, Events, Interfaces – learn to manager browser page
  3. Additional articles – extra topics that assume you’ve covered the first two parts of tutorial

MDN Web Docs (Mozilla Developer Network)

MDN Web Docs - StackBlogger
MDN Web Docs

If we talk about learning JavaScript online for FREE then MDN Web Docs can not be missed from the list. It provides information about Open Web Technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and APIs for Progressive Web apps.

MDN Docs has tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript - StackBlogger
Learn JavaScript

By now you have learned enough JavaScript. It’s time to implement the JavaScript knowledge in practical examples. Learn JavaScript is an online platform where you can learn and implement. It will teach you JavaScript in the context of building web applications.

Learn JavaScript has a collection of tests that you can implement in a live editor. It will help you boost the practical experience.

You will learn & practice new syntax, functions, and concepts step-by-step in lessons, and have direct application in challenges and projects.

Do you optimize your JavaScript code to remove unnecessary variables and spaces? If not, I would recommend you to minify it and then use it anywhere.


JavaScript is the most used worldwide scripting language. There are many career opportunities out there around the world. One can easily become a Front End developer and start a career in programming.

This article describes the best sites to learn JavaScript for FREE. I hope you will get some value out of it.

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