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A blog by programmer for programmers.

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StackBlogger is a blog built to provide programming tips and tricks to developers. Our goal is to provide easy and best solutions to questions asked around the world. We continuously improve the blog and update the posts from time to time to make sure readers get the latest solutions as per the latest technology/code. Still, if you find anything outdated or irrelevant, make sure to send us an email about that at jimcute8879@gmail.com and we will update/remove that content.

Founder & Author

I am Jameer Khan, working as an IT professional since 2013. I work on JavaScript and its frameworks, Microsoft Technologies, Cloud Servers like AWS, GCP, Firebase, Firestore, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku and many more technologies to build web apps, hybrid mobile apps, desktop apps and IoT apps. I love to work on areas like application scaling, performance optimization, code improvements, distributed systems management, cloud servers, events streaming etc.

My Applications

I have built some more applications apart from StackBlogger. Following are some websites that are built by me.


TagMerge.com is an AI-based application that automatically fetches trending technical questions and their code snippets from various sources. It is a code snippet provider application where developers search for the problems and it provides solutions (code snippets) to that. The application runs on auto-pilot mode. It uses the following tech stacks: AWS S3, Lamdba, Lightsail, CloudFront, Load Balancers, Node.Js, Jade, MongoDB, DynamoDB, JavaScript.


BookMyMark.com is a Social Bookmarking Hub. This application is built to improve the search engine ranking of websites. Users normally create an account and submit backlinks. It internally generates a sitemap for each page that have backlinks and submits it to Google for indexing. Users can add up to 5 tags for each backlink that additionally improves search engine ranking. Following tech stack is used in this: AWS EC2, SES, S3, CloudFront, Load Balancers, Node.Js, Jade, MongoDB, JavaScript.

JavaScript Minifier

JavaScript Minifier is a tool that minifies JavaScript codes. It takes raw code as input and produces parsed minified code as output. The application uses terser module to minify the raw JavaScript code.

Open Source Contributions

I have contributed to open-source communities like npmjs and github. Given the details below:

Link Meta Extractor

Link Meta Extractor is a library built in pure TypeScript to extract the metadata information from an URL. Pass a valid URL to get the metadata properties like title, description, site-color, etc. You can also get the open graph properties by passing additional properties as a rest parameter of the array string form at the end of the function.

The plugin is published to npmjs library from Github. It has CI config enabled to pass the lint, test and build jobs.

Distance Finder By Geolocation

A library to find data that falls under a given radius (km). It uses Geopoint calculations using Radians to get the distance between two coordinates and then find out which data falls under the given radius.

This library is useful when you have a list of users along with their lat and lng records and you want to get all the users that fall within a particular radius distance.

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