Things you can do with JavaScript

We are here to discuss some useful facts of JavaScript and the things we can do with it. JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming language in computer related stuff development. We build Websites, Software, Mobile Apps and many more with just JavaScript knowledge. There are a lot of things you can do with JavaScript.

things you can do with JavaScript

Working with JavaScript is full of fun and there are a lots of JavaScript plugins out there which helps building a better application. First of all the JavaScript was appeared on December 4, 1995.

Things you can do with JavaScript-

1. Build Websites:

This is ‘pretty obvious’ that I am saying build websites using JS. Nowadays the JS has become a most powerful programming language along with its extensions. We have to use JavaScript to build a powerful rich and dynamic text website. We can build a better application like Dashboard interactive application, dynamic contents app, sliders and many more things.

2. Desktop Applications:

Building desktop applications with the help of JavaScript is easy now. There are many plugins out there who provide way to build Hybrid Desktop apps in JS. These apps run on multiple OS platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux without creating separate application for each platform.

ElectronJS is one of the powerful JS plugin who provides way to build desktop applications with just HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge. As a result, JavaScript has a great support in building desktop applications.

3. Mobile Applications:

We are now able to build mobile applications with just JavaScript knowledge and no need of Android or SWIFT knowledge. There are many JS plugins out there available who providing way to build hybrid mobile applications with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge. Some of them are-

Ionic– Ionic Framework is most widely used JavaScript framework to build Hybrid Mobile Applications. These apps run on multiple mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows.

React Native– It is developed by Facebook and its a framework of JavaScript. React native is a powerful framework to build mobile apps. While working with Reactive Native or Ionic, there are too many more JavaScript frameworks available in the market to build mobile apps.

4. Server Side Applications:

We can develop server side with the help of JavaScript. NodeJs is the server side framework to develop server side applications. We can create back-end APIs in it and connect those APIs with a front-end application.

5. Games:

JavaScript is popular in building gaming applications too. We use HTML5 canvas to build browser game applications.

6. Flying Robots:

CylonsJs is a JavaScript Framework used to build robotic applications. It has support of Physical Things and IoT applications.

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