What is Domain Authority? The Best Tools to Find Yours

When it comes to covering SEO for better growth of a website, there are multiple factors you need to keep in mind. Many people think that they have to work only at the beginning of their website’s age and then leave it as it is.

Keep in mind that some factors will influence your website throughout its age. So, you have to keep them in your mind and use reliable ways to maintain those factors.

According to experts, there are more than 200 factors that you need to cover for better optimization of your website. One of the most important factors among those is Domain Authority. The only aim of writing this guide is to tell you about this factor and guide you on how to check this factor.

Let’s start and explore the following sections to understand the concept properly.

What is Domain Authority?

DA or Domain Authority is a specific metric calculated by a well-known SAAS company named MOZ. No doubt, it is not a Google metric or Google-owned Company but its metrics calculation can be helpful for you concerning SEO.

It is a metric to estimate how likely your website is ready to get ranked in the top results. With the proper analysis of DA and improving it, you can make sure that your website is going to rank in higher positions.

This score is calculated by analyzing your website thoroughly and keeping a deep eye on some particular factors. The main thing that will be analyzed while calculating the DA score of your website is the backlink’s quality and quantity.

Why Domain Authority is important to look at?

The most important question that comes to mind is why DA is important to look after even when it is not a Google metric. There is nothing wrong with the statement because the search engine has clearly mentioned that it does not analyze DA to rank a website.

But it is still an important metric because it affects the position of a website directly. A study has shown that there is a direct relationship between the authority of a website and its ranking.

In simple words, DA does not impact the ranking but it shows how much capacity your website has to rank higher. Therefore, it is important to look at this score and try to stable it or improve it as per requirements.

It will tell you how much effort you have to do for the better growth of your online business.

What is a good DA for a website?

DA score varies from 0 to 100 which is a specific scale also set by MOZ. But the question is, “Should we always try to achieve a 100 DA score?” The simple answer to this question is “No”.

You should not try to achieve a 100 DA score for your website. If you are doing this, you might be adopting some wrong techniques.

In turn, you will face harmful impacts on your website instead of positive results. Then the question comes what would be the ideal DA score that we should achieve.

Actually, there is no ideal score that we can mention here or that you can find in any other guide. The only thing that we can recommend is to try to beat the authority of your competitor’s website.

In simple words, you have to analyze your competitor and try to get a higher DA score than them. By doing this, you will be able to achieve your aim which is to rank in a higher position or get ready to do so.

In short, the ideal DA score for a website is the one that would be higher than the DA score of competitors.

3 Best Tools To Check DA

Now, you have got enough information about DA and its importance. You might be looking to find the DA score of your website with a reliable tool.

There are hundreds of tools available on the internet that are integrated with the MOZ to show domain authority for your website. But mostly, you will get an older authority score because most of the tools are not updated regularly.

Therefore, we have done comprehensive research and enlisted only the 3 best tools to check DA. You can use any of these tools to find the domain authority of your website or your competitors. Let’s have a look at the following sections to check the features of these tools.


Domain Authority Analysis tool Moz
Domain Authority Analysis tool Moz

As we have mentioned that DA is calculated by MOZ. So, no tool can be better than this one. That’s why we have ranked it in the top position than anyone else.

By using this tool, you can check the DA, PA, and Spam scores of any website in real-time analysis. It is providing a MOZ bar that is free for everyone. You can add this chrome extension to your browser to get easy access to all its metrics with a single click.

Whenever you browse a website or search for something on the internet, this bar will display the DA and PA of that specific website on your screen. In turn, you can easily check this metric and get to know about your website’s metrics and all other competitors in a single glimpse.

Additionally, you don’t need to browse a specific tool but this tool will keep working in the background. In simple words, you only have to search the concerned query on the search bar and the DA score will be shown just below every result on your screen.

As MOZ owns the DA metric, so, there will be no issue in the score shown by this tool or its bar. So, you can say that it can be used for bulk analysis as well as single analysis side by side.


The second tool that we have mentioned here in our list is the DA PA checker by Prepostseo. You can access more than 200 tools from this platform to do multiple tasks related to online work.

This tool is one of the best tools offered by the platform. The only thing that you have to do to use this tool inserts the URL of the concerned website. You can check the DA of a single website or multiple ones as per your requirements.

Yes, this DA checker allows the users to check the DA of up to 10 websites at a time. You only have to insert one URL on a single line and insert the second one on the new line. Additionally, the tool will enable you to exclude the same URLs if you are doing batch analysis.

Prepostseo Domain Authority Checker Tool

You only have to check into the box named Exclude Same URL or Exclude Same Domain. By doing this, it will automatically neglect the same links if you have inserted them mistakenly.

The main feature due to which we have ranked it in the second position is its efficient and fast working. This tool will never show the older results related to the DA of any website.

Prepostseo Download Domain Authority Report

It will keep checking the results directly from the MOZ database and show the real-time results within a few seconds. By clicking on the Check Authority button, you don’t need to wait even for a single minute.


The third best tool that we have found and enlisted there is given by dapachecker.org. It is a specific tool designed just to show you the authority of your website and other metrics related to this.

By using this tool, you can easily do batch analysis to find DA of up to 20 websites at a time. It is considered the best because it will also show the spam score and the indexed pages of that particular website.

Dapachecker Domain Authority Checker Tool
Dapachecker Domain Authority Checker Tool

So, you can say that this tool will not only cover DA score calculation and display but also covers other important sectors. Additionally, you can download all this data in Excel format with a single click.

In turn, you can easily check DA, PA, spam score, and MOZ rank easily as well as keep it for further use. All in all, this tool will be a comprehensive tool to do this analysis.

Download Report
Download Report

The only problem with this tool is that it will not work unless you have turned off the ad blocker. In simple words, you have to check the advertisement banners to use this tool freely.

Final Say

In the above section, we have comprehensively discussed DA and shown you how you can check the DA of your website. By using the above tools, you can do this analysis for your website as well as your competitor’s websites side by side in a single turn.

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