How To Bypass Google reCaptcha Using Node.Js

Ever wondered about bypassing a Google reCaptcha using some captcha solver techniques? If yes, your next question must be how? Well, I have a quick solution that will help you bypass a Google reCaptcha using Node.Js. You can solve Google reCaptcha v2 and v3 both with the help of this tool.

I am using 2Captcha library to solve the reCaptcha. It is a Captcha Solving Software that bypasses the captcha within seconds.

Here is how to bypass captcha

The process of bypassing a captcha is mentioned below-

  • Get the Captcha image from page in the form of data-sitekey parameter
  • Transfer the parameter to 2captcha service
  • The employee at 2captcha solves it
  • Once it is solved, we get the response
  • The response needs to set in the google reCaptcha textarea to make it work.

That’s it! Isn’t it easy? Yes its pretty easy to bypass. Let’s implement it in code.

Bypass Google Recaptcha using Node.Js

Here is table of contents that I will be covering in this article.

Setup Node.Js Application

You can skip this step if you have a existing Node.Js Application.

I am using Express Generator to generate a Node.Js boilerplate.

Create a Node.Js Boilerplate
Create a Node.Js Boilerplate

Install 2captcha

Install the 2captcha package in Node.Js application.

Install 2captcha package
Install 2captcha package

Get 2captcha API Key

The next step is to get a 2captcha API key. Create an Account at 2captcha. Confirm your account by clicking on the link sent to your mail. Go to Setting page to get your API key.

Get 2Captcha API Key to Bypass Google reCaptcha
2Captcha API Key

Integrate 2Captcha Code to bypass Google reCaptcha

Once everything is done, integrate the 2Captcha code.

Pass the API key in above code.

That’s it!! You have successfully bypass the Google v2/v3 reCaptcha. You can get more details about 2Captcha APIs here.

Common Questions

1. How to get Data Site Key

You need to pass a data-sitekey value to 2Captcha service in order to bypass it. But the question comes- how would I get data-sitekey value? Here is the solution.

Open the website in browser of which you want to solve the Google reCaptcha. For example, I want to solve reCaptcha at following website:

Bypass Google reCaptcha of website
Solve reCaptcha of

Now open “View Page Source” of website. Search for data-sitekey parameter on page. Copy the value and send in 2Captcha service.

Bypass Google reCaptcha
View Page Source


In this article in we learnt how to bypass captcha on websites using Node.Js. You can solve many captchas using this tool. More detail here.

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