Dynamic font resizing on browser scale in Angular

Sometimes you have to dynamically resize the font size based on browser scale. Its called font scale with screen size. In this post I will explain how can you achieve the behavior of font resizing on browser scaling.


As I am going to explain it in an Angular application, so I believe you have Angular installed on your machine. So start with creating a blank Angular application.

Step 1 – create an app and a component

Create an Angular application and a component inside that. We can use the App Component as well.

Step 2 – put html and css



If you notice above code, we have used scss file so that I can put some calculate-able css inside it and that will help us create the classes for all the iterations. There is 19 iteration I have put and in each iteration I set 100px incremented / decremented media query.

Here is a working code for you to look into it I have put on Stackblitz.

Attached some screenshots below:-

Write me up for any query you get.

Thank you!

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