Microsoft Visual Studio Package did not load correctly

I went to a stuck situation when I uninstalled some apps from my Windows 10 machine and then tried to open the Visual Studio 2015.

The VS 2015 opened correctly but when I opened an existing project, I got an error stating- “The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor.Implementation.EditorPackage package did not load correctly.


I tried searching some solutions based on the error and found some. I tried them and successfully resolved this error but unfortunately I started getting another errors.

I put a couple of hours investing this error and finally a trick worked out for me. I thought to share this thing with all of you so if someone stuck in a situation something like this, it may help.

Go to Windows -> Search for Command Prompt for VS2015 -> open “Developer Command Prompt for VS2015” -> type “devenv /resetuserdata” -> hit Enter. Wait for a few seconds till it successfully resets the user data. Once done, open the Visual Studio and the error should not be appear this time.

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